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Organising a Teachmeet

So…how do you organise a Teachmeet? Firstly, you get some teachers together and secondly, you share some ideas. That’s it really. This could be over dinner, in the pub or at an event. It can be small or huge, it’s totally up to you. If it is a dinner or pub meeting, then you can organise that with little help. If you are thinking of an event, then here are some things to think about.

What do you need to think about?

  • Participants – Who is coming? Will it be teachers from a wide area or could it be a staff meeting between a couple of schools?
  • Venue – Do you have enough space for everyone? What is your limit? Can people park easily enough?
  • Refreshments – Not essential, but teachers will appreciate it, especially after a long day at school
  • Equipment – You will almost certainly need a laptop to present from but will you need a projector too or is there one at the venue? Is the wifi available for people to connect to?
  • Host – Teachmeets work well with a host to introduce the format, manage problems and answer questions. They can also link between presentations throughout the event
  • Sponsorship – Definitely not essential, but if there are costs to cover (wifi, food etc) then it may be possible to speak to a commercial company to help with these

A full how-to guide can be found here: How to organise a Teachmeet

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to us. If you are thinking of hosting a Teachmeet, please do get in touch and we will help where we can.

We are lucky enough to have had three companies so far that have offered to help with sponsorship. If you do need a small amount to cover costs (or tea and biscuits!) then please email Ian Addison ( and he will put you in touch with the relevant people. Thanks again to Rising Stars, Scholastic and Agile ICT


One Response to Organising a Teachmeet

  1. Naomi Ward

    Hi Ian
    I’d like to host a teachmeet at my school. It’s the first we’ve had so some help organising would be appreciated. For example, if you know of any brilliant people who could come and inspire us that would be great! I’d like it to be open to other schools in the first instance, then perhaps we will do it regularly in school as part of our CPD.
    I’m an English teacher at The Petersfield School.
    Thanks for your help.

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